Bird’s-eye view

What are we talking about when we say we need a bird’s-eye view of a particular situation? Well, that’s not too hard to imagine. It’s the view a bird gets of the ground below when it is flying high. This view puts everything below into far better perspective than looking at the various features from ground level or even from a tall building.

It is very easy to look at the various components of the Bible and come to the wrong conclusion that we know what they mean, unless we are helped to see how these components relate to the larger picture the Bible is trying to communicate to us. It can result in misunderstanding the real message of the part we have been either reading or studying. It’s like looking at part of a jigsaw puzzle and thinking you know what the whole picture is all about.

To help Christians, or people who want to understand the real message of the Bible better, my book, “God’s Covenant with Humanity: a biblical theology” was written to help interested people to get a clearer understanding of the ‘big picture’ of the Bible.

The problem of understanding the main message of the Bible exists even for Christians of long-standing; not just for newcomers to the book that is all-important for Christian faith and practice.

Two charts help to put the text of the book into diagrammatic form for people who learn more effectively through visual representations. These charts also keep the reader on track throughout the book.

This book has now been translated into Ukrainian and Russian languages. We are presently seeking a publisher in Ukraine and another one in Russia to make these books available to the local markets.