There are plenty of commentaries to help serious students of the Bible to understand specific texts of the Bible. What isn’t often available are thematic studies that trace the development of a particular theme throughout the Scriptures showing how God’s revelation unfolds into its developed form. This is the niche we have tried to tap into with our publications.

Grace and Law

Law & Grace in the Bible, English version

Some people think that the idea of ‘grace’ is opposed to anything to do with ‘law’. They think that the whole notion of ‘law’ smacks of legalism, harshness, unbending attitudes. But does that mean that there shouldn’t be any ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ in the world?

What is the relationship between God’s grace, and God’s laws? That’s what this book explores.

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This book is also available as,

  1. Law & Grace in the Bible, Russian version

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The Biblical Concept of Covenant


God’s Covenant with Humanity: a biblical theology, English version

If you want to understand a particular theme that unifies the Bible from beginning to end, you need to look at the concept of Covenant. There are several covenants mentioned in the Bible, but what is their relationship to each other? Are they separate covenants or a development of the one main Covenant?

You need to read this book.

This book is also available as:

  1. God’s Covenant with Humanity, Russian version
  2. God’s Covenant with Humanity, Ukraine version

Christian Ministry Issues

Christian Ministry book cover

What & How of Christian Ministry: Biblical Basis, English version

When we serve in the Christian Church, we need to know what we are trying to achieve. Do we look to tradition to guide us, or does the Bible help us to know? We also need to distinguish what methods need to be used to achieve biblical ends.

When we approach it this way, we might be surprised by what we discover.

This book is also available as:

  1. What & How of Christian Ministry, Russian version


Grace & Law


Christian Ministry: a biblical basis